Švyturys BHouse bar

The Švyturys BHouse bar is located in the premises of the Švyturys Brewery, which was renovated in summer 2018. The brewery’s impressive interior is reminiscent of New York’s industrial spaces: high ceilings, huge windows, and a cellar under the floor that houses the barrels used to age the beer. It’s a unique, photogenic space, decorated with artwork and exquisite furnishings. Behind a glass wall, you can see the brewery in operation. At the back of the large hall is a stage for concerts, performances or talks.

The bar is spread over two floors in the impressively sized space with high ceilings, a space that presented challenges for the sound system. In addition, the acoustics of the room had to be taken care of. In this bar, Scenos Techninis Servisas (StS) designed and installed lighting and sound systems, curtains and acoustic enhancements.

L-Acoustics sound system was designed and installed in the room. It consists of ARCS FOCUS speakers with a narrow angle and ARCS WIDE speakers with a wide angle, as well as an extension of the sound system with the installation of L-Acoustics X8 speakers. These speakers are also used for background sound. The overall unified sound system includes amplifier-controllers with L-Acoustics LA8 signal processor. An additional sound system is installed on the second floor: L-Acoustics X5 loudspeakers and LA4 amplifier.

Acoustics were also a challenge in the large glass-walled room. To improve the acoustics of the room, a custom-made Showtex curtain and an electrically controlled curtain track were installed – the curtain covers one of the glass walls. In addition, Jocavi acoustic panels were installed in this bar; the Jocavi drummer’s wall is also used on stage during live performances.

For concerts or parties, the bar can also be used as a concert hall, with an integrated lighting system. The lighting fixtures allow both to beautifully illuminate a chamber concert and to create an atmosphere for a dance floor. The system consists of Chauvet Professional Wash Zoom and Slim Par floodlights, controlled by a ChamSys control panel. The effects are enhanced by a fog machine.

StS specialists design and tailor lighting, sound and acoustic solutions for restaurants and bars, nightclubs and small concert venues.

Technologies: Lighting system, sound system, acoustic treatment.

Location: Klaipėda, Lithuania


Year: 2018

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