Radviliškis Cultural Centre

Radviliškis Cultural Centre is a multifunctional facility with a keen attitude towards modern technologies. It is open to the community, ready to fulfill the needs of self-expressions of its members. The centre is a home for 20 amateur clubs and various communal events.


STS carried out the modernization process of the sound, lighting and video systems, as well as the stage mechanics.


Lighting system

The hall is equipped with a classical theatrical type of lighting, consisting of plano-convex, fresnel and profiled luminaires. This system provides an opportunity to illuminate the entire stage, including the proscenium, in different colours, and highlight every important stage element with spotlights.

Cultural centre is equipped with the lighting control system by Australian manufacturer LSC Lightning Systems, which is maximally adapted to the specificity of theatrical lighting.


Video system

Integrated double-screen projection system with a dual function: the large screen in the back of the stage acts as a decorative set element, while the second screen in the front of the stage serves the conference-type events.


Stage mechanics

STS professionals restored the existing lifting gear, which appeared in almost ideal condition. After changing certain system elements the lifts were successfully tested and received new technical passports.

Additionally, the stage was equipped with a roll-out dance floor.


Sound system and acoustics

After measuring the acoustics of the hall and talking to musicians, a number of acoustic problems were revealed. Also, the natural acoustics had to be balanced, so that performers could sing without any enhancement, but it wouldn’t be too reverberant for pop and rock concerts. STS solved these tasks with the help of EASE acoustic simulator.

The construction company selected appropriate materials and designed the room geometry, so that the entire concert hall could benefit from the smooth, balanced and pleasant sound. The hall was equipped with L-Acoustics KYVA system, which ensures superior sound direction, crucial for natural acoustics.

Radviliškis Cultural Centre staff was trained to use the new equipment and maximize its potential.

Technology: Lighting, sound, video and stage mechanics modernization project (engineering and implementation).

Location: Radviliškis (Lithuania)

Partners: L-Acoustics, PROLYTE GROUP, TECLUMEN, ROBE, ROSCO, LSC Lightning systems, CHRISTIE

Year: 2010

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