Kaišiadorys Cultural Centre

In summer 2015, Kaišiadorys District Municipality signed a contract with STS to carry out reconstruction works of Kaišiadorys Cultural Centre hall. Kaišiadorys Cultural Centre brings together creative and active members of Kaišiadorys community. The centre organizes educational activities and various events, helps local amateur artists, promotes comtemporary culture and professional art.


In 2015, the concert hall was thoroughly modernized. STS professionals updated the sound, lighting and video systems, as well as the stage mechanics.


Sound system

Line array sound system by QSC was installed together with a built-in modern digital control, which opens wide possibilities to control the audio system, adapt it to different performance genres, and provide comfortable work conditions for sound operator. We also provided a complete set of stage equipment (microphones, stands, cables, stage monitors).


Lighting system

The hall was equipped with a modern lighting system, consisting of plano-convexes, fresnels and profiled spotlights, with addition of the latest LED lighting modules (Robe profiles).

Lighting system is now controlled by a digital control panel with touch screens, which enables the lighting artist promptly respond to the changing action and adapt the lighting system to the situation.


Video system

Along with the new lighting system, the hall was equipped with a powerful, high-resolution video projector (Christie) and an electrified movable screen. The system works inline with the lighting system: both complement each other and serve as a part of the set design.


Stage mechanics

STS replaced the lighting soffits (Prolyte Group), repaired the old ones and additionally installed extra lifting gear.

We also designed the layout of the stage curtain and supervised its production (Showtex) and installation. The new non-flammable curtains not only complement the interior of the hall, but also improve the acoustics.

In addition, smoke and fog machines were installed.

Technology: Lighting, sound, video and stage mechanics modernization project (engineering and implementation).

Location: Kaišiadorys (Lithuania)


Year: 2015

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