Live music events

If you’re planning a live music event, professional line array loudspeakers is your best bet. Their sound quality will convince even the most fastidious audience. Our sound systems are customized according to the size of your concert hall. For smaller venues we offer compact speakers systems, which we can set up and maintain during the event.

Representational events

We offer a variety of configurations suited for all kinds of representational events. For a conference you will probably need a regular microphone, or a radio microphone with a headband, and loudspeakers. For an art exhibition, an inauguration ceremony or a fashion show, which involves some background music or something unconventional, we will install a proper sound system.

Sports events

At sports events, when it’s important to ensure accurate vocal expression of commentators and presenters, we use special audio systems.

Private events

We offer a variety of sound sets for private events, from basic speakers to luxurious sophisticated systems. All of them come with control equipment and microphones. We also provide technical support during the event.