Zarasai Cultural Centre

Zarasai Cultural Centre offers the local community a way to express creativity. Cultural centre modernization process was launched back in 2015. The first task was to renovate the recording studio, which was set in the cultural centre basement. 2016 March 1st was an official start of Zarasai Cultural Centre Concert Hall modernization works.


STS mechanized the stage, renovated sound and lighting systems. We also improved the acoustics, changed the seats and newly equipped the recording studio.


Stage Mechanization

First, we provided the lifting gear inspection and decided to renovate them according to the new regulations, which included engineering design works and static-dynamic testing. After that, we  issued new technical passports.

In addition, we installed cable collectors, redesigned lighting soffits, installed an electrified front curtain trail.

The stage drapery was modified to meet the highest safety requirements and is completely non-flammable.

We replaced all 346 seats. Not only they are modern, comfortable and non-flammable, but also add to the natural room acoustics.


Sound system

After analyzing the natural hall acoustic properties and consulting the construction company about suitable renovation materials, we decided to install a linear sound amplification system. The new digital audio console and other sounding system elements ensure a fluent service for all kinds of musical events.

From now on Zarasai Cultural Centre can boast a fully equipped recording studio with quality acoustics, microphones, music software and acoustic panels. Recording room is equipped with Jocavi acoustic panels to record the creations of local songwriters and performers.

The hall is equipped with a classical theatrical lighting system, consisting of profiled spotlights, plano-convexes, Fresnels and flood lights. Ultra-modern, programmable lighting control (Chamsys) and other lighting elements make the stage performances even more enjoyable.

Technology: Lighting and sound systems, stage mechanization and drapery, seats and recording studio

Location: Zarasai


Year: 2016

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