The House of Polish Culture in Vilnius

One of the largest Polish institutions in Lithuania aims at organizing the cultural life of the Polish community. The House of Polish Culture in Vilnius (HPCV) focuses on cultural education, support of local artistic and cultural events. Special events, exhibitions, meetings are organized specifically for implementing the activities above.

STS designed and implemented the renovation of the stage lifting mechanisms and drapery systems of the HPCV hall and assembled as well as installed additional equipment for the stage lighting system.

Stage lifting mechanisms

The lifting mechanism system was replaced during the stage mechanization process. The following was installed:

  • chain hoists;
  • a truss for fastening the lighting system devices;
  • a lift control system.

The lifts may be relocated to several different positions depending on the needs of the action onstage. They also comply with the highest safety requirements.

Stage drapery

The works included the renovation of the set of the HPCV stage curtains (coulisses, backdrop). The fabric used is a nonflammable material complying with all of the highest safety requirements. Its colouring matches the space interior.

Furthermore, the stage platform curtain was sewn and set up. It is designed for covering the stage platform if needed, and depending on the nature of the event. It is easy to attach and take off.

Lighting system

STS assembled additional lighting equipment for lighting during the events at the HPCV. A set of programmed lighting devices with a control panel along with cable connection set that allows changing the spotlight positions according to the needs of the event were chosen considering the activities implemented in the House. All lighting fixtures are equipped with modern and durable LED and LED RGBW diodes.

The set also contains a fog machine that helps achieving all stage effects. The set is suitable for creating both concert and theatrical lighting.

Technologies: stage mechanization, drapery, lighting system and its control panel

Location: Vilnius


Years: Mechanics 2016-2017

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