Shining bright: Sirokomle Gymnasium’s new lighting system


Sirokomle Gymnasium in Vilnius (Lithuania) started the new school year in excitement – the new lighting system was presented to the community. The school‘s Assembly Hall was reopened after a renovation and this new lighting system was designed specifically for events and entertainment.

The system was designed and installed by Scenos Techninis Servisas (StS), the official distributor of Chauvet DJ in Lithuania. The gymnasium wanted a professional lighting system that would allow them to create a colourful scenography for the school’s events. StS proposed the best option for the client: Chauvet DJ fixtures and ChamSys light controller.

„The client wanted the system to be easy to use, so that anyone at school could learn and create beautiful scenography“, says Martynas Mackevicius, who led the project at Scenos Techninis Servisas.

Chauvet DJ lighting fixtures are extremely easy to set up and operate, making them ideal for schools, small events or parties. The lighting system includes 22 units COREpar Q120 ILS fixtures and 2 Shocker Panel 480 fixtures from Chauvet DJ.

With a vast spectrum of colors and dynamic effects at their fingertips, event organizers and performers can paint the stage with hues that range from soft pastels to vivid neons.

The lighting system significantly enhances the overall quality of performances at school and has elevated the school’s talent showcases to professional levels.

Technologies: Lighting System.

Location: Vilnius, Lithuania


Year: 2023

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