Šilutė Cultural Centre

The renovated Šilutė Cultural Centre opens its doors. The building is all new and shiny, and once inside, you will be amazed by the views through the huge stained-glass windows and the light that floods the space. But perhaps the most important change is not visible to the eye: it is the stage equipment. “The new equipment will allow for more intensive cultural activities and new creative ideas. And the new technologies will allow the audience to enjoy better video and sound quality,” says Jūratė Pancerova, Director of Šilutė Cultural Centre.

The new hall equipment was designed by a team of professionals from Scenos Techninis Servisas (StS) during the preparation phase of the work project and later installed. The renovated cultural centre has two halls: a small transformable Hall and a 409-seat Great Hall.

Special freight hoist for stage equipment

The Šilutė Cultural Centre has a special freight hoist for lifting equipment or stage decorations from the outdoor unloading point directly to the backstage of the Great Hall. StS specialists designed and installed the Serapid hoist, which has a platform size of 6×2 m, a lifting capacity of 2000 kg and a lifting speed of 100 mm/s. The high-speed hoist lifts loads to a height of 5.5 metres, which greatly facilitates the handling of incoming performances. This hoist is installed outdoors and is suitable for outdoor use.

Modern lighting system in the Great Hall

The Great Hall hosts performances and concerts, ethno-cultural events, educational programmes and public holidays. The lighting system has been a major focus of the design of this hall, expanding the possibilities for events.

The Great Hall of the Cultural Centre is equipped with an automated lighting system: three movable lighting bars controlled by a remote control. The system is made up of a variety of fixtures: spot, profile, and warh luminaires. The fixtures were selected from the trusted StS partner Chauvet Lighting. The positions of the luminaires help to create a three-dimensional view of the performers and the scenery, as they are illuminated from the front, the sides, the top and the back.

The lighting system is also suitable for formal events and conferences, with warmer colours and quieter operation.

The WinWood electric cable hoists installed here allow easy control and change of stage scenery, curtains, luminaires, and the lighting system is controlled by a ChamSys MagicQ MQ70.

The sound system for the Šilutė Cultural Centre was designed by the French manufacturer L-Acoustics, which is represented in Lithuania by Scenos techninis servisas. This is a well-known brand in the professional market. The system, which meets the highest quality standards, allows the audience to enjoy evenly distributed sound from any seat in the hall.


After the renovation, more favourable working and creative conditions

The aim of the Cultural Centre is to increase access to culture. The Centre’s events are open to audiences from Šilutė and the surrounding villages. Jūratė Pancerova, the director of the institution, notes that the renovation of the cultural centre has created favourable working and creative conditions for the cultural workers and the amateur art collectives gathered there. The new equipment will make it possible to substantially improve the quality of cultural events. “We are pleased with the installation of modern stage equipment and the technical solutions provided by StS, which were carried out by competent staff. We are grateful to the company’s specialists for their consultations and professional advice on the use of the technical equipment, its application to the scenography of events and the creation of various effects,” says Jūratė Pancerova, Director of the Šilutė Cultural Centre.

Technologies: lighting system, sound system, stage machinery.

Location: Šilutė, Lietuva

Partners: CHAUVET LIGHTING, CHAMSYS, Robe Lighting, L-Acoustics, Serapid, WinWood.

Year: 2022

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