SEL 25th anniversary tour: unusual stage featuring gigantic robot

In 2017, one of the most successful Lithuanian performers of all times Egidijus Dragūnas and his band celebrated their 25th anniversary. Three concerts were scheduled in the largest cities of Lithuania: Klaipėda, Vilnius and Kaunas, with a spectacular and unprecedented  in Lithuania stage performance, with its central axis being a robot – as high as an 8-storey building, made from different structures, LED screens and visualizations.


According to the concept description, STS designed and installed this unique stage accent and adapted it to two other different locations. Also, in Klaipėda and Vilnius VIP areas were arranged for the guests.



Klaipėda – the base

The first grandiose concert, attended by 19,000 spectators, took place in the Klaipėda Summer Stage. Two challenges were raised for SST. To build:

  1. a spectacular unique robotic stage for the musical performance;
  2. a two-part VIP platform with a capacity of 500 spectators.

It was publicly announced that during the show, viewers will be able to see a robot as big as a 8-storey house. For the implementation of this concept, STS designed a stage with double roofing, which became the basis for a robot-shaped LED display. The visual of the robot was projected on the screen panels.

A special double-roof structure was built for the structure:

  • the higher and narrower roof in the centre of the stage, on which the robot’s head, torso and legs were mounted;
  • the broader roof, on which the robot’s chin and shoulders were


The main structure for hanging the robot was also unique: 20.5m high, above which there was 3m moustache with integrated pyrotechnics.


Non-standard structure called for non-standard mounting process: only after the lower roof system and LED screens were installed, the other roof could be mounted. All equipment was brought to the event venue by 5 trucks.


Another challenge was to combine the elegance of the structure with stability and safety. Unconventional idea called for a great deal of equipment. Thanks to STS engineers and the new design program SCIA Engeneer (see the description below), as many as 15 tons could be hung (3 tons of lighting, 7 tons of sound equipment, 5 LEDs) while maintaining security settings.


Next to the stage a two-piece 300sqm VIP platform was built.


Second concert in Vilnius Kalnų Park

Analogical SEL concert was held in Kalnų Park in Vilnius.


  • compensate for the lack of the background (in Klaipėda the platform was built at the Summer Stage, which formed a beautiful background) and to make additional wings from the sides, the same height as the shoulders of the robot.
  • evaluate the territory of the Vilnius Kalnų Park, which, unlike Klaipėda, is an open space, and to manage the challenges of the wind; find a compromise between the client’s needs and safety so that the structure could withstand unexpectedly changed wind conditions.
  • VIP platform: to level the hill slope and build a platform which could accommodate 300 people.


Final concert – Kaunas Žalgirio Arena

The 2-hours musical show used the same 8-storey-house robotic stage which was transformed into a flying dragon, so a part of the show was performed not only at the main stage but also at the top of the Žalgirio arena.

Here, too, the robot was in the centre of attention. The idea was adapted to the indoor event. The SCIA Engeneer program used by STS engineers was used to adapt the structure and maintain its stability.


SCIA Engeneer – software of the future


To design such an extraordinary stage structure, the special SCIA Engeneer software was used. This future concept is currently gaining more and more popularity around the world.


Building Information Modeling is a revolutionary process of digital design of a building or infrastructure, during which all project-related data is created and managed at all stages, from the initial design concept to its implementation or even disassembly.


The SCIA Engeneer program is exactly that. It combines everything from modeling and analysis, to designing and reporting. This efficient and precise designer-engineer software allows developers to make a complete structural analysis of the object, and to design, calculate and create a 3D model of the project.


The equipment is designed for engineers. It includes a powerful modeling environment, a high-performance network generator, and a very fast finite element solution, as well as integrated tools for checking and optimizing various structures.



In preparation for SEL 25th anniversary tour, the new technology was used by STS specialists to design a non-standard stage, to make its 3D model, calculate load and security, and adapt it to the changing location.



SCIA Engeneer program helped STS engineers to design and implement the following non-standard projects:

  • Archbishop T. Matulionis Beatification, 2017 (Lithuania) – extra large roof system: READ MORE
  • BlockFest, 2017 (Finland) – modification of a standard stage: READ MORE

Technology: non-standard stage and its project.

Location: Klaipėda, Vilnius, Kaunas (Lithuania)

Partners: Prolyte, Prolyft, Verlinder, StageDex

Year: 2017

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