Šeduva Culture and Crafts Centre

Šeduva Culture and Crafts Centre carries out cultural activities, such as rehearsals, performances, concerts, as well as craft activities, such as workshops, seminars, training, conferences and exhibitions.


STS designed and updated the lighting system, performed a partial modernization of the stage mechanisms and installed cables for the stage curtain.


During the renovation of Šeduva Culture and Crafts Centre, new lighting soffits were installed, as well as the stage curtain cables.


Lighting system

The newly installed lighting system consists of classic PAR-type lights, moving heads, regulated and unregulated lighting strips. It is also equipped with a computerized control panel which allows to manage the whole lighting fixture.


Technology: The lighting and stage mechanics systems modernization

Location: Šeduva (Lithuania)

Partners: Prolyte Group, Robe, Showtex, Chamsys

Year: 2012

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