Šalčininkai Cultural Centre

Šalčininkai Cultural Centre fosters ethnic culture, amateur art, developes educational art programs and promotes recreational activities, meeting the cultural needs of the regional community.


Renovation works were completed in two stages.


At the first stage, STS installed the stage curtain, video system and lighting soffits. The staff also tested all lifting mechanisms.


At the second stage, sound and lighting systems were installed and cabling works were performed.

While the hall was renovated, STS staff integrated all power and control cables, installed the video system, prepared for remaining installation works.

Finally, the floor cable boxes were installed.

At the first stage, some of the lighting was installed: LED RGBW spotlights, which illuminate the stage and change colors.

Lighting soffits were upgraded to new and lighter aluminum ones.

The hall was equipped with modern cable collectors and electric curtain tracks (14m).

A huge (8x5m) rolled projection screen with a video system serves during conferences and complements the stage set. It can also be used for watching films, turning the concert hall into a mini movie theater.

Technology: Video system, stage mechanization, engineering.

Location: Šalčininkai (Lithuania)

Partners: Prolyte Group, Showtex, Chamsys, Winwood, Christie

Year: 2015

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