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Versatility is considered to be a vital factor for the cultural centres that undergo renovations. A perfect example is Šakiai Cultural Centre which has served the local community for 60 years now. In autumn 2018 the Centre was opened once again after 3 years of renovations. The building containing the technical possibilities that make it multifunctional is currently the most modern object of this type in Lithuania and substantially excels the cultural centres of Kaunas, Vilnius, and other cities. The most advanced technologies in the country have been integrated in the Centre.

A rational attitude towards the renovation process and the technological maintenance of the hall became evident throughout the development of the project. The hall moved away from the canonical theatre hall and became a universal hall suitable for any kind of activities implemented by the Centre. Rationality and versatility are also reflected in the equipment assortment – it was bought in optimal quantities, only as much as it was necessary for the activities of the Centre, not to mention it is high-quality and long-lasting.

“Rūdupis” UAB was the contractor of the constructional part of the project while the tasks related to the technological part was completed by “Scenos techninis servisas” UAB.

STS installed the lighting, sound, video, stage drapery, seating, and stage mechanization systems in the concert hall of this cultural building.

Stage mechanization

Completed designs and installations:

  • a mechanism for closing-opening the front curtain;
  • on stage front lighting bridge of 10 meters with cable collector lifted by chain hoists in the hall;
  • lighting soffits with cable collectors lifted by cable hoists with lifting capacity of 1000 kg (3 pcs.);
  • decoration lifting mechanisms lifted by cable hoists with lifting capacity of 500 kg (7 pcs.);
  • curtain-decoration lifting mechanisms lifted by cable hoists with lifting capacity of 250 kg (3 pcs.);
  • additional constructional trusses for suspending the equipment, soffits, and mechanisms.

Stage platform – orchestral pit

The stage platform becomes truly unique and exceptional due to its four functions:

  • a stage floor (stage floor extension);
  • a choir step;
  • an auditorium floor (auditorium extension);
  • an orchestral pit (a place for orchestra underneath the stage where it remains invisible to a spectator).

This makes the hall universal.

An additional prefabricated railing is installed when the stage platform is used as an orchestral pit. It is called a segmental wall.

The wall protects from falling in, and fulfills an acoustic function on the orchestral pit – it reflects the sound towards the auditorium. The segments are non-hollow and have acoustic panels.

There is also a sliding staircase on wheels which is designed for climbing on the stage from the auditorium. They can be installed on both sides of the stage.

Stage platforms

The singular and exclusive stage platforms (2 pcs.) can make up the following:

  • stage floors (stage floor extensions) to make the hall one integral space;
  • amphitheater when the seating system is used in order for the audience to have a better view of the action on stage.

Seating system

Sliding “Figueras” seating systems installed in the main hall fully compensate the elevation angle so a spectator may sit and observe the action on stage both on a flat floor and in an amphitheater regimen.

The system was specifically designed so that an aluminum profile would go across the entire hall in order to slide the chairs or remove them entirely from the hall and leave an open space if needed. They are transferred to a special storage area located at the same level as the hall floors, or they could be brought into the orchestral pit which would lower them down to the storage area underneath the stage.

Šakiai Cultural Centre had the following installations carried out:

  • transformation of the auditorium from a flat to an amphitheater floor;
  • a sliding seating system;
  • a platform which transports the joined chair rows to a storage area.

Sound system

A compact and universal sound system suitable for theatre and concerts was built in the main hall of Šakiai Cultural Centre. It is ARCS Wide and Focus sound system with SB18 low-frequency elements by French manufacturer “L-Acoustics”. It is fully capable of producing pop, rock or lighter music sounds.

The system consists of:

  • Wide speakers (2 pcs.), Focus speakers (2 pcs.);
  • SB18 low-frequency speakers (2 pcs.);
  • “L-Acoustics” amplifiers-signal processors;
  • a set of stage microphones together with a built-in wireless microphone system.

Special acoustic materials were used for improving the weak spot of the hall – the acoustics: a set of JOCAVI acoustic panels was installed on the walls for this purpose.

Precise positions for suspending the system and rotation/direction angles were chosen after performing system calculation with a special “Soundvision” software.

Lighting system

Šakiai Cultural Centre has an artistic lighting system set up by applying the aspects of universality and focus on longevity:

  • the lighting system was built from quality devices which will remain relevant for many years ahead;
  • it was designed and set up in such way so at to add additional lighting elements to the already existing base: panels, completed cabling tasks, affixed cabling channels, control circuits, floor, wall boxes;
  • it also has lifting mechanisms, trusses, cable collectors. All of this is ready for when there is a need to add something.

The front lighting bridge located above the audience and suspended on the chain hoists is electrified: it may be lifted up or lowered down. It was designed and set up by applying the high-security factors.

  • The hall has a fully set up system of cables and connection boxes for lighting system elements.
  • Control and power units were installed up to the intended spotlight mounting spots.
  • Control panels were set up in the control room and on stage.
  • Floor boxes were integrated on stage and in the hall for connecting additional technological equipment.
  • Lighting devices Robe DL4S (5 pcs.), Chauvet Mavericks MK2 Wash (15 pcs.), Chauvet Mavericks MK2 Spot (10 pcs.), Chauvet Owation B-1965FC (4 pcs.), Chauvet Ovation E-260 WW (6 pcs.) were integrated.

Video system

The video system consists of:

  • a portable frame screen (10 x 5.7 m) assembled on stage which operates for conference, scenography purposes, compliments the show programs with images, and plays motion pictures;
  • it is planned to install a cinema projector with a spatial sound system in the future.

Stage drapery

Front and back curtain opening systems were fully installed on stage.

The coulisse border system covers the sides and the top. Stage drapery is theatrical. It is fireproof, and complies with all safety requirements. Its colouring matches the space interior. The drapery was specifically sewn according to the interior concept.

An ornate front curtain with embroidered coat of arms of the City was custom-sewn for Šakiai Cultural Centre.

Technologies: stage mechanization, lighting and sound systems, hall acoustics, drapery, transformation of the auditorium.

Location: Šakiai


Years: 2017-2018

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