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Palanga Cultural Centre

Built in 1877, Palanga Kurhaus was the first hotel and restaurant in the city. It was also operating as the main event venue. Fully destroyed in 2002, the building was later reconstructed. Today it operates as the Palanga Cultural Centre.

StS designed and installed the following features: sound, lighting and video systems, stage mechanisation and draperies.

Theater Hall:

L-Acoustics sound system: A10 WIDE, KS 21, LA4X. Movie Surround system: X8, LA4.

Chauvet lighting (Rogue R2X Wash, R3 Spot, F-265WW, E-260WW).

Chamsys MQ-70 Compact Console.

Technologies: Sound, lighting and video systems, stage mechanisation, draperies.

Location: Palanga, Lithuania.

Partners: L-Acoustics, Chauvet Professional, Chamsys, WinWood, Prolyte.

Year: 2019

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