Nemenčinė Multifunctional Cultural Centre

Nemenčinė Multifunctional Cultural Centre educates the community and promotes its cultural and sports activity. The great centre hall hosts major events, concerts and meetings.


STS renovated the great hall of Nemenčinė Multifunctional Cultural Centre, upgraded the lighting and stage curtain systems.


Lighting system

The new lighting system features classic theatric lighting (flood fixtures with color change, planno convex, fresnel and profile), modern programmable projectors (heads), control panel, power distribution cabinet and dimmers.


The great hall is equipped with a non-flammable stage curtain, which is crucial for building safety.

Technology: Lighting and stage curtain systems modernization.

Location: Nemenčinė (Lithuania)

Partners: ROBE, Chamsys, Showtex, Spotlight

Year: 2008

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