Nemenčinė Cultural Centre

Nemenčinė Cultural Centre has undergone a remarkable transformation following a comprehensive renovation. The building’s facade has been modernized, the interior spaces have been redesigned, and the library has been refurbished. The newly opened center also houses a hotel and a gym. However, the main focus is undoubtedly on culture – the renovated center’s facilities include an exhibition space, art and photography studios, a choreography hall, and a recording studio.The center of attraction of this building is the new, modern 310-seat concert hall.

The technologies for the concert hall was designed and installed by Scenos Techninis Servisas (StS). This hall can now host concerts, performances, official events, and conferences. It is equipped with a professional sound system, lighting system,  and video equipment.

Professional Sound System

“The sound system for the concert hall was our biggest challenge: due to the unusual geometry of the hall, we had to find an unusual solution for the placement of the sound equipment. Using specialized software for sound design and space modeling, an LCR (left-center-right) sound system layout was planned,” says Julius Gružinskas, Head of the Design Department at StS.

An L-Acoustics system was chosen for the concert hall’s sound reinforcement: A Series loudspeakers A10i Wide and A10i Focus. The A Series is ideal for small and medium-sized spaces, and the loudspeakers in this series can be combined to achieve excellent coverage, adapting the layout to the size and shape of the audience. For the audience in the front rows, an extension of the sound system has been installed – a 5XT sound system, and for high-quality and even sound reinforcement of the back rows – X8 loudspeakers. LA4X sound amplifiers are fully integrated into the stage platform for aesthetic reasons.

The sound system was designed in collaboration with acoustics specialists, and acoustic treatment was made taking into account the layout of the equipment – this made it possible to achieve precise sound in the concert hall.

Lighting Equipment

The stage lighting system consists of fixtures from Robe and Chauvet Professional, which were optimally selected based on the scenarios of future events and by modeling the lighting design using specialized software. The system consists of Robe T1 profile and LEDWash 300x, as well as Chauvet devices: Maverick Force 2 Profile, Rogue R2X Wash, Ovation E-910 FC.

The fixtures are controlled by a Chamsys MQ70 lighting control console, which gives lighting designers the ability to create effective scenography.

Stage Machinery

StS specialists also designed the upper stage machinery: lighting fixtures are hung on three lighting bars, they are lifted by Winwood cable hoists, which are distinguished by their quiet operation. The hoists have a lifting capacity of 1000 kg, and the lightweight aluminum trusses make it possible to hang more fixtures on one bar.

The automated curtain track smoothly and silently opens and closes the curtain, and a convenient control system makes it easy to control the hoists and curtain track from one location.

A complete set of curtains has been installed in the Nemenčinė Culture Center concert hall: front curtain, wings, harlequin, borders, and back curtain. The curtains meet the highest acoustic and flame retardancy requirements, and their color is chosen to match the interior of the hall.

Video System

A multimedia system has also been installed in the new concert hall: screen, projector, video console, Resolume software.The large screen allows to supplement the scenography of the event, and can also be used to show video content, such as concert broadcasts, film screenings or presentations. The powerful projector ensures a bright and clear image on the screen. The video console and professional software provide new opportunities to diversify performances and create video installations.

In addition, an intercom system has been installed in the hall for effective communication between the stage and backstage staff. A video transmission system to the dressing rooms has also been installed, allowing performers and technical staff to watch the performance in real time.

Following the renovation, the Nemenčinė Culture Center Concert Hall has become a modern and functional space that can host a variety of events, from classical music concerts to rock band performances and theatrical performances. The new equipment will allow for organizing high-level events, attracting the most famous performers and groups

Technologies: Stage machinery, lighting system, sound system, video system.

Location: Nemenčinė, Lithuania


Year: 2024

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