Dieveniškės Recreation Hall

Dieveniškės recreational hall was renovated in 2013. An old and shabby building completely changed its looks. The main schedule of events consists of traditional festivals, commemorative days, concerts and other activities for the local people.


STS takes interest in renovation and adaptation of community based objects. In the newly renovated hall STS staff designed and installed sound, lighting and video systems, as well as a stage curtain.


The stage sound system was designed to be portable – it takes just 2 people to quickly transform and transport it outside for outdoor events. It is light, acoustically flexible and easily adapted to different spaces. Besides, it was composed of as little components as possible for a fuss-free connection.

The sound kit includes the main sound system, stage monitors, microphones, stands, cables, and a control panel.


The modern lighting system consists of a control panel and RGB color changing LED lights.


The video system is managed from the control panel. The backstage is equipped with an electrified (retractable) 4 meters wide projection screen and a projector, which allows to decorate the space and organize conferences.


The stage looks decorative thanks to the stage curtain kit, designed and installed by STS professionals. The curtain fabric is anti-flammable.

Technology: Sound, lighting, video systems, stage curtain

Location: Dieveniškės (Lithuania)

Partners: QSC, Chamsys, Showtex, Solaris

Year: 2013

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