Birštonas Cultural Centre

Birštonas Cultural Centre dates back to 1979 and was specifically built as a cultural venue, therefore modernization of its concert hall (2008-2012) required some help from  STS experts.


STS evaluated, designed and implemented modernization of the lighting, sound and stage mechanization systems.


The concert hall, which accommodates up to 510 spectators, has a unique history: it’s a home for international biannual Birštonas Jazz Festival, which is the oldest jazz festival in Lithuania and has been going for more than 35 years. Birštonas Jazz Festival is famous for its diversity of genres and styles: from dixielands to contemporary jazz, the festival explores experimental and innovative trends, brought on stage by Lithuanian and international artists.

Concert hall modernization project was carried out in separate stages (2008-2012):


Lighting system (2008-2009)

Firstly, the spotlights in the galeries and suites were changed to modern profiled and plano-convex ones.

 Secondly, a theatrical lighting system was designed and installed:

– full soffit set for the stage;

– front lighting bridge, essential for this type of stage;

– brand new lighting control system, featuring power and distribution cabinets, control panel, regulated and non-regulated lighting lines.

All these updates were made using highest quality equipment by Robe, Teclumen, LSC Lighting Systems and Lite-Puter.


Sound system (2010)

First of all, STS professionals measured the existing acoustics of the hall. Based on this data, the acoustic project was prepared (using programs Sound Vision and Ease) and the hall was equipped with a sound system by the most professional concert and theatre audio systems manufacturer, the French company L-Acoustics.

We also updated the control panel and installed a complete stage equipment set with microphones, stands, cables, and monitors.


Stage mechanization (2012)

Newly installed automated front stage curtain trail, lifting and lowering mechanism of the front lighting bridge.

Technology: Lighting, sound, and stage mechanics modernization project (engineering and implementation).

Location Birštonas (Lithuania)

Partners: ROBE, L-Acoustics, TECLUMEN, LSC Lightning Systems, LITE PUTER

Year: 2008-2012

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